Joseph Ledbetter’s Partial Lobbying Accomplishments

  • 1995-2000 I helped draft and lobby into Kansas law, Fathers rights legislation to treat both parents equally in post divorce matters. We had overwhelming support in the end for these reforms.
  • Came up with the idea for a Washburn University Sales Tax and helped write it, and lobby it into law within one legislative session. It gives Washburn University county-wide tax support,  and it has relieved Topeka property tax payers of 15 1/3 mils of taxes annually. 
  • Lobbied successfully at state level for Oakland Expressway, and many improvements for US 75 from Nebraska south to Oklahoma, Highway 59 south of Lawrence and other Kansas highways

  • Lobbied for air conditioning of 501 Schools (Topeka). I was told by administration in 1993 when I started they would not do it. Bond vote successfully passed by 2/3 majority in 1998
  • Helped originate the idea to pass the fee for funding the Shawnee County recycling program
  • Lobbied successfully for two housing subdivisions to get NRA (TAX BREAKS) in 2003, in Topeka. One is located in Hi-Crest and one in Southern Hills. This promoted 40 plus new owner occupied houses in eastside neighborhoods over several years.
  • Lobbied to open up new parkland for low income kids in HiCrest Neighborhood, called Betty Phillips Park. I helped lobby successfully for $1 million dollars worth of improvements for the NIA as their President. (served three years) April 2003- April 2006.
  • I am very interested in Transparency in Local Governments, and our Federal Government and control of costs. I enjoy lobbying, negotiating, legal research, legal analysis, budget analysis, and political analysis.

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