Joseph Ledbetter
• Barristers Award, Negotiation Law School Team, Client Counseling Team, Student Director of
Advocacy Center, Washburn Law School.

• Wrote an upper level legal research paper entitled, ”Is Terrorism a Violation of Jus Cogens?”
Read by a number of foreign government officials experiencing national security problems with terrorism.

• Masters Public Administration, KU, Member Pi Alpha Alpha National Honor Society, KU is a top school
in USA out of 300 schools for City/State Government Management programs.

• Honorable Discharge US Marine Corps. Force Recon Team Leader/ Airborne, Scuba Rated.
Meritorious NCO Rank. Charter Founding Member of Force Recon Association.

• Honorable Discharge Navy Reserves

• Father of three sons.

• Has been an Advocate for Social Security disability, Lobbyist, Teacher, Neighborhood Improvement
President, and Construction Manager.

Partial list of lobbying achievements

• Wrote and helped pass a Father’s rights bill for Kansas year 2000. Six year process. Bill was
groundbreaking for Fathers rights.

• Helped write and pass in 1999 an exclusive sales tax for Washburn University. I presented the idea
at a City Council meeting in Jan.1999.

• Lobbied successfully at state level for Oakland Expressway, and many improvements for US 75
from Nebraska south to Oklahoma, Highway 59 south of Lawrence and other Kansas highways.

• Lobbied for air conditioning of 501 Schools (Topeka). I was told by administraction in 1993 when I
started they would not do it. Bond vote successfully passed by 2/3 majority in 1998.

• Helped originate the idea to pass the fee for funding the Shawnee County recycling program.

• Lobbied for the resolution to set up the program. Has been successful for over 15 years.

• Lobbied to keep Topeka yard waste facility open to public at Mac Vicar and I-70. This saved thousands
of tons of trees and brush from going to landfill. Also, successfully lobbied for a huge wood shredder to be
paid for by increased fees. This program, original with me, to keep this facility open to public based on fees,
has made the city positive revenue for over 18 years.

• Lobbied successfully for two housing subdivisions to get NRA (TAX BREAKS) in 2003, in Topeka. One is
located in Hi-Crest and one in Southern Hills. This promoted 40 plus new owner occupied houses in eastside neighborhoods over several years.

• Lobbied to open up new parkland for low income kids in HiCrest Neighborhood, called Betty Phillips Park.
I helped lobby successfully for $1 million dollars worth of improvements for the NIA as their
President.(served three years) April 2003- April 2006.

- I am very interested in Transparency in Local Governments, and our Federal Government and control of
costs. I enjoy lobbying, negotiating, legal research, legal analysis, budget analysis, and political analysis.

Joseph Ledbetter
Law Office
1734 SW Van Buren St.
Topeka, KS | 66612 • EMAIL ME

Licensed in State of Kansas and
Federal Courts

Graduate of:

Washburn Law School 2009
Earned Juris Doctorate

Kansas University

Masters of Public Administration
Pi Alpha Alpha Nat'l Society Honors

Washburn University
Bachelors Degree - Political Science
Pi Sigma Alpha National
Honors Society, Cum Laude,
Received Departmental Honors

Political web sites I am interested in:

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